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Hakka Bangka Shao Zhu 燒豬客家邦加印尼 ; Hakka Bangka Cake Bong Li Piang 黄梨餅客家邦加印尼 ; Archipelago Bangka Belitung Tourism 印尼邦加勿里洞旅行 ; History of Hakka Bangka Belitung in Tin Mining 客家錫采矿邦加勿里洞历史 ; Hakka Mian in Bangka Indonesia 麵客家邦加 ; Lo Fu Pan 老虎粄 ; Hok Lo Pan in History of  Martabak Bangka 福佬粄; Thew Fu Fa豆腐花 ; Hakka Bangka LUNG  The Longest New Year Dragon in Indonesia邦加過年龍 ; Hakka Indonesia Convention Bangka 2010 印尼客家大会邦加; Hakka Bangka Belitung Clan FamilyName 客家勿里洞勿里洞家姓;  Bangka Belitung Map 地图邦加勿里洞; The History of Bangka Island 印尼邦加历史  ;

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Why “Hakka Bangka” is used as a terminology?

Originally assumed that Hakka people are from central china.  They migrated to other lands centuries ago. Now they are living on many different lands across china, such as Guangdong, south-western Fujian, southern Jiangxi, southern Hunan, Guangxi, southern Guizhou, south-eastern Sichuan, and on Hainan island and Taiwan island.

The Hakka’s  dialects are affluenced by the local people of where they migrated in. Eventually, These distorted dialects become one of the charateristic fo Hakka. For Example, Hakka in Fujian speak Hakfa / Thong Boy 客家话 ( Pinyin : Kèjiāhuà ) with some little differences if it compares to Hakka in Guangdong. Beside a Place, a language is a strong distinction among them.

Hakka in Bangka and Belitung have these 2 characteristics, so called Hakka Bangka and Hakka Belitung. More over the foods, customs and activities are really infused by the locals. In the terminology of Hakka Bangka, meaning Hakka people in Hakka Bangka’s  Culture, eat Hakka Bangka’s  Foods, speak Hakka Bangka’s  Dialect, etc.

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