Posted by: bukjam | November 2, 2009

Becak in Pinkong/Pangkal Pinang

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Becak in Pangkal Pinang (Pinkong)

This is the picture of cultural influence.The influence of Javanese culture to Bangkanese.

Becak is commonly found in Java island. It is a kind of pedicab. A transportation for local people for a short distance in a certain zone.Like Rickshaw in Hongkong.By the way, Rickshaw was exist in Bangka in the past. The pullers are all chinese.

In Pangkal Pinang (Pinkong), all of the Becak’s drivers are Javanese. None is bangkanese.Now Becak is one of transportation model in Bangka. It is new, from outside and still rolling on.

Becak in Pinkong/Pangkal Pinang 2008


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