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Gang Singapore, Pangkal Pinang (Pinkong), Bangka Indonesia 新加坡路 槟港 邦加 印度尼西亚

The best Hakka Noodle in Gang Singapore, Bangka Indonesia
客家麵 新加坡路 邦加 客家 印度尼西亚

History Hakka Bangka Indonesia
印度尼西亚 客家 邦加 历史

Pinkong , pangkal pinang

Gang Singapore

Gang Singapore 新加坡路 in Pinkong (Pangkal Pinang) Bangka Indonesia 印度尼西亚 邦加 槟港

Gang Singapore 新加坡路 means Singapore Street.Why like that? At least there are 2 opinions come up. First, at that time most of the big merchants frequently travel to singapore 新加坡. Buying what they need and bring back to Bangka 邦加. They buy many things, such as food stuff, houseware, fashion, jewellary, etc. Second, the name is to honor singapore 新加坡 as a crucial hub of trading. Bangka’s merchants sell commodities,  like tin products, latex and pepper berry, on the other hand singapore’s merchants sell consumer goods.

The characteristic of Gang Singapore 新加坡路 in the early of year 1900,
#1 Chinese community , consist Hakka 客家 , Teo Chiu and Hokkian.
#2 Merchant’s Area, whole sellers and dealers.
#3 Mandarin language usually find here, where other places use Hakka language, Hak Fa 客家话.

This place is popular in the early of 20th century or earlier. If bangka people 邦加人 want to buy high quality, imported and special goods, they may come to this Singapore Street 新加坡路. During the Dutch Colony and Japan  Invasion, this area also well known to Bangka people 邦加人.  Now a days,  Gang Singapore 新加坡路 is not so famous as it used to be. It is still shining  but no so bright as in the past. Not so many activities anymore, as we can imagine  many bycicles across and pedestrians walk.

Bangka 邦加 has changed so has Gang Singapore 新加坡路, in my opinion, Gang Singapore 新加坡路 can be as shine as before.  If the local economy grows, the domestic investment will touch it or if the government development programs enlist it, than some attractive changes will happen. In my last visit on november 2009, there is a new 4 stories red chinese-style building . actually it is a marketing office of Bangka Trade Center (BTC) 邦加 贸易 中心.  Bangka Trade Center (BTC) 邦加 贸易 中心  is still underway to be the iconic building in Bangka Belitung 邦加 勿里洞. The biggest mall ever built. Why Bangka Trade Center (BTC)  邦加 贸易 中心  Marketing Office is placed in Gang Singapore 新加坡路? If not because of its historical images. Perhaps also its next opportunities. Bangka Belitung Information 信息 邦加 勿里洞:, twitter bangka belitung 邦加 勿里洞 : BUKJAM (屋园)


  1. Cerita tentang makanan nya cukup lengkap.Mohon ditambahkan pusat tempat penjualan oleh-oleh khas di bangka dan objek wisata di bangka.Jadi setiap pendatang baru yang datang ke Bangka mengetahui tempat – tempat rekreasi,penginapan, dan kendaraan untuk mencapai lokasi tsb.

    • Akan muncul tulisan mengenai Sejarah Tionghoa Bangka-belitung – Hakka (Khek) dan Timah Bangka (1), (2) & (3) segera. Nantikan Segera !

  2. I think u’d better write not in English but in Indonesian.So many people can read ur story/writting. Btw tq…..

    • Thank you so much for your advise. The intention of writing in english is to link up with Bangka Belitung fellows in other countries. By the way, all writing might be publish in Bahasa Indonesia one day.

  3. i think singapore street now is not so famous as it used to be,, because now there are some chinese building made by the goverment,, it’s good.,, but i think i’ts to expensive,, so only a few people can afford to rent/ buy it

    • Shei thank you for your info and viewing in bukjam. Keep in following,cheers bukjam

  4. Are you Hakka chinese? Please read story of Hakka chinese in Indonesia . Have a nice day!

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