Posted by: bukjam | December 9, 2009

Informasi Bangka Belitung – Hotel di Bangka Belitung (Babel)

Makanan Khas Melayu Bangka Belitung Indonesia ; Pariwisata Bangka Belitung : Objek Wisata ; Bangka Island and Belitung Island Tourism ; Makanan Khas Hakka (Khek) Bangka Belitung Indonesia

Informasi Bangka BelitungHotel di Bangka Belitung (Babel)
Information Bangka Belitung
Hotel in Bangka Belitung (Babel)

The province of  Bangka Belitung (Babel), Indonesia will add  1.000 hotel rooms to support tourism program called Visit Bangka Belitung Archibabel 2010. Some investors are involved in hospitality. They invest to build some hotels in Bangka Belitung like hotel Santika, hotel Parai, hotel Aston dan hotel Menara Timah.Tourism旅游地方areas scattered around in Bangka Island 邦加岛 and Belitung Island 勿里洞岛.  A tourist can visit Beach, Sea Shore, Mountain, Hot Spring, Diving Spot and many other nice places in Bangka Belitung Indonesia 印尼邦加勿里洞. All of northern places to southern places of Bangka Island 邦加岛 have many beautiful sceneries. Laying down on a white sand, swimming under sun shine, taking a banana boat, scuba diving, fishing in a natural fish pond, boating to a no-man islands, visiting historical places, and many other activities that a tourist can do. Year 2010 is visit Bangka Belitung year, Archipelago Bangka Belitung 2010, Archibabel 2010.

信息印度尼西亚邦加勿里洞 information Wisata Bangka Belitung Indonesia :, 邦加勿里洞 Twitter Wisata Bangka Belitung Indonesia : BUKJAM. Facebook Wisata Bangka Belitung : BUKJAM

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