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Bong Yung Sen – King of Pepper in Bangka Indonesia (1)

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Bong Yung Sen, King of Pepper (1) 邦加胡椒王
Hakka Chinese History in Bangka Belitung Indonesia

Rumah Bong Yung Sen

Rumah Bong Yung Sen - Raja Lada Bangka Tempo Dulu

Bong Yung Sen 黄榮勝? (Pinyin : Huang Rong Sheng?) is one of the legendary man in Holland Oost Indies Colony. He lived one generation after the era of Oei Tiong Ham, The richest King of Sugar in Java and Tjong A Fee, The First Indonesian Conglomerate. Bong Yung Sen is a Hakka (khek)客家, Hak Ngin (Hakka People), born in Bangka Island, Indonesia to the Bong Family. His father is Bong Kong Hian. One of the influencing Hakka leaders of Bangka in the late of 19th century. His mother is from Chao Family. At that time, Bong Yung Sen  was one of the richest family in Bangka Belitung, Indonesia. Every local chinese knew him and respected him.

The quality of Bangka邦加 White Pepper胡椒 is ranked to number 1 in the world. Bangka White Pepper was traded in Amsterdam’s Beurs van Berlage, as one of the precious commodity. Bong Yung Sen’s businesses was dominant in pepper commodity. He had some big  pepper plantations in Bangka Island, Indonesia印度尼西亚. One of the biggest plantation was located in Jurong, a remote area in Bangka Island, Indonesia. Bong Yung Sen traded the pepper commodity directly to the Royal Dutch Company. The commodity rose him up. It made him rich and popular. Many Dutch officers knew him and became his friends. Therefore, many of his Dutch colleagues came by to his big house and had party. Many deers was playing around in the house garden. In the front yard, there was some rambutan trees. The rambutan is sweet and delicious. Inside, the house furnished with italy ceramic and high quality furniture and accessories. Through the windows people could see the front yard look at a peacock spreads its feathers, so beautiful and colorful, while some noisy turkeys moving around.

Bong Yung Sen 黄榮勝 can speak Hakka, Holland and Melayu. Also of those 3 cultures constitute his way of thinking and way of life. As a Hakka 客家 (khek) People, Hakka Ngin 客家人 (Hak Ngin), he ran his business follow the chinese confucius philosophy. He has a strong leadership, decisive and unbeatable. He always respects to family values, friendship and business relationship. Bong Yung Sen has 5 children, 2 sons and 3 daughters. All of them are well educated, can speak holland, pretty and handsome. None of his children stayed in Bangka since they grew up. Some of his children made their own business. Some of them migrated to other countries. His wife is related to Hie family of Belinyu (Belijong)勿里洋.  Todays, All of his decendents are scattered around. The big historical house was sold. At the moment, the house is belonged to Mr. Eko Maulana Ali, the current governor of the province of Bangka Belitung邦加勿里洞. Bong Yung Sen 黄榮勝 died at 83 in Jakarta. Since then, All of the memories of Bong Yung Sen 黄榮勝? start fading away.

You can visit Bong Yung Sen’s house when you visit Bangka Indonesia印度尼西亚, around 30minutes from Pangkal Pinang ( Pinkong 檳港 ) by car. In Baturusa ( Liu Sak鹿石 ) ask people for some information.

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